Conference 2016 Presenters

Presenters at the NZIHE Conference 2016 include:



Dr Ryan Graves (PhD)

Device Category Manager at PHARMAC

Dr Ryan Graves

Ryan is a Device Category Manager at PHARMAC currently focused on managing a range of medical devices used in hospitals. He is engaged in various categories including medical thermometers and devices used in the prevention of VTEs (Mechanical Compression and Graduated Compression Stockings). He has a background in investment management, and scientific research in academic institutions and the pharmaceutical industry. He is keen to see that publically funded access to medical devices, and new technology, remains sustainable in the years to come.

Presentation Title: An update on PHARMAC’s medical devices work



Val Jovevski

Global Healthcare Director

Honeywell Building Solutions



Val Joveski


  • Key function is to ensure that Honeywell supports our clients and their landmark mega/major projects starting from concept phase and right through construction, handover and life cycle. The approach is collaborative, leverages current and next generation technology and truly delivers innovation through our partnering model


  • Val joined Honeywell in 2003, and has over 18 years experience in the area of Business Management & Development, Technical Solutions and Programme management in the construction and Healthcare industries.
  • In his current role he is responsible for the strategic direction of Honeywell’s focus in the Healthcare market and helping country teams in developing business solutions globally for Healthcare Major Projects. He has led several successful bid teams for specific projects that required innovative solution and delivery systems for PPP, public and private sector projects.
  • He has been heavily involved with technological improvements across integrated systems, specialising in the area of mission critical. Val has a deep and thorough understanding of multiple disciplines within many Hospital services requirements, including Information and Communication Technology (ICT). Mechanical, Electrical, Fire.
  • Val has extensive experience with converged solutions, digital health enterprise systems specifically for the PPP healthcare sector.


The experience gained from study tours around the world reviewing the latest projects coupled with his extensive background in Design & Construct integrated projects and PPP consortium bids provides him with the platform to develop practical long-term technology solutions for hospital clients.



Integration delivering smoother patient journeys

A holistic approach to hospital management uses latest technology and digitization to enhance safety in hospitals, optimize patient workflow, enhance patient experience, improve patient care, and enable connected healthcare offerings through the power of integration.


Honeywell will be joined in their presentation by Chris Fawkner and Murray Bridge of MCL Capital


Murray Bridge, Managing Director, MCL Capital

Murray is an experienced technology equipment financier. With a presence in the industry since the late 1990’s Murray is well known around Wellington and NZ business circles, and has been involved in many of the largest equipment finance transactions involving NZ Government.

On the weekends, you’ll see him racing around Wellington harbour on his multihull yacht.


Chris Fawkner, Account Director, MCL Capital

Chris is one of the early advocates of leasing in the health sector, having focussed on leasing in the sector for over 15 years.

Chris is well known in the DHB finance community, and when he’s not leasing, he’s running after his young children, and the odd golf ball.



Financial Enablement

How alternate financing solutions can add value to the business case and influence whether a project proceeds, or not.


Andy Hall



Andy started his career doing a trade apprenticeship at the age of 16.


Before working for Rauland, Andy worked in various roles for well-known organisations such as Porsche, Ferrari, BMW and McLaren.


Andy started with Rauland 13 years ago when the business only employed 14 people. Andy has had many roles at Rauland including National Service Manager, General Manager, and National Sales Manager. He has seen the business grow to 157. During this time he has seen Nurse Call and Patient Entertainment Systems evolve from being fully “stand alone” to integrated hospital-wide communication solutions.


Rauland have sold some of the largest Nurse Call Systems in Australian and New Zealand but also around the world.




Mark Hooper

Executive Project Manager - Echuca Regional Health

ANZEX Delegate

Mark Hooper

Mark has over 20 years’ experience in engineering and infrastructure management.

Mark has provided guidance and leadership to the board and executive over the last 11 years and has overseen the Hospital capital redevelopment requirements from Master Planning through to construction.

Marks role has involved engagement with the Department of Health and Human Services and external consultants as well as the local community and staff and patients at ERH.

Since 2004 the campus has overseen 80% redevelopment including Aged Care, Operating Theatres and most recently the $66M redevelopment completed in 2015.

Mark is passionate about sustainability and enjoys challenging conventional wisdom.  He is particularly proud that  Echuca Regional Health is home to two of the world’s largest solar chiller systems installed at a hospital.

Both systems were commissioned by the Hospital engineering team.



Creating New Boundaries

Echuca Regional Health has just completed a $66M redevelopment.  The final product has not only pushed existing boundaries it has created new ones.  The Hospital that was replaced was delivering emergency department services out of a building that was 129 years old.  The newest ward building was built in the 1960’s.  Redevelopment was well and truly overdue.  The hospital engineer had worked at the site for over 10 years and well understood the challenges of public hospitals.  A 10 year plan had been put in place that set very high engineering goals.  Strategic asset replacement, energy efficiency improvements and bench testing of new technologies had been undertaken to inform a site wide strategy.  This strategy became the core of the engineering design that was taken from Master Planning through to schematic design, design development and construction.  Post Occupancy Evaluation is currently underway as this is being written.

Creating New Boundaries will take you on the journey of the decision making process behind the innovation that is the new Echuca Hospital.

We will also explore the decisions that have been made to future proof the Hospital against anticipated changes in standards including building footprint layout for efficiencies, moving from perception to fact.  Understanding that a lot of the time knowing what you don’t want can inform as much as knowing what you do want.

Some of the topics covered will include: Two of the worlds largest solar chillers on one site, Using fire tank water for chilled water storage, Off peak demand management, Grid synchronization and full island mode, TMV monitoring and alarming, Patient controls, Triple Glazing, Absorption chillers, Rickards Variable Orifice Diffusers, 100% Fresh air, Heat Recovery wheels, Wayfinding and making the BMS equivalent to two trades EFT.


Neil Purdie

Building Services Team Leader

Harrison Grierson

Neil Purdie

Neil has 30 years’ experience as consulting buildings services engineer with 20 years’ experience designing and refurbishing hospitals. Neil has an in depth technical knowledge of the piping systems used in hospitals from steam  systems for CSSD, steam boilers,  medical gases, plumbing and drainage and LTHW and CHW systems. Neil started his enginering career at Wairakei power station, working on pipe restraint and stress analysis of the steam field piping alterations, before working as a maintence engineer at Tiwai Point aluminium smelter for two years.

Neil has designed new hospitals in Auckland, Tauranga, Brunei and Hong Kong and provided enginering services for Waitemata Health for 12 years, as well refurbishing Greenlane, Northland and North Shore Hospitals.


Pipe systems.


Sheila Swan

Principal Policy Analyst

Ministry of Health

Sheila Swan MOH


Sheila Swan is a Principal Policy Analyst with the Ministry of Health.  She has a background in regulatory and procurement policy for therapeutic products in New Zealand. This has included management of the Ministry's therapeutics policy team, development of the NZ Medicines Strategy, and the design of governance arrangements for ANZTPA.  Sheila also has experience in health sector design and in the provision of advice to successive governments on therapeutics policy from within central agencies.  Her current work involves the repeal and replacement of the Medicines Act 1981 with a modern, comprehensive, and sustainable legislative framework.


I will provide and overview of the current project to replace the Medicines Act 1981 with a comprehensive modern regulatory regime for therapeutic products.


Hennie Lombard
Technical Account Manager,
Gallagher Group Ltd
Hennie Lombard

Originally from South Africa, Hennie holds a Bachelor of Electrical and Electronic Engineering from Potchefstroom University. After graduating, he worked in the telecommunication industry until relocating to New Zealand in 2002, where he started his own business developing software and hardware solutions. Hennie moved into the security industry six years ago and is now a Technical Account Manager for pre and post sales support at Gallagher Group Ltd.

Gallagher Healthcare Solution
Gallagher is a global technology company that develops and delivers intuitive, intelligent and innovative protection solutions that integrate seamlessly with customer’s business management systems. Hennie will demonstrate how Gallagher's tailored healthcare solution extends beyond traditional access control to help streamline operations and drive greater efficiency.


Richard Catto

Richard Catto


Richard is currently a Director at KPMG in New Zealand, and leads their healthcare team.  He has extensive experience in the health sector particularly in operational and funding roles both in the public and private health sector.  Richard brings substantial experience in working with senior clinicians to develop improved models of care across the primary, secondary, tertiary, aged care spectrum.  This includes community involvement, funding models, integrated care and chronic disease management.  He has previously held roles in Summerset Group which provides Aged Care and retirement living, Acurity Group New Zealand’s second largest private hospital chain, and Southern District Health Board.  Richard has conducted a rage of international projects including advice to the World Health Organisation (WHO).



Paper Title:    Digital Disruption in Healthcare.

More details on Richards paper soon



Joe Gilmartin

Joe Gilmartin


I have been working for a specialist passive fire protection company for 15 years.
For the first 7 years I was one of the technicians who installed and constructed all types of passive fire systems available to us here in NZ. I have also created solutions for some parameters found only in NZ building systems that did not have tested solutions (such as dealing with penetrations through Stahlton floor slab systems). All of these solutions are now a daily practice with the backing of some major supply companies.
In 2007 I suffered a break to my knee which resulted in not being able to climb ladders/scaffolds for some time so I ended up in the office, where I’ve stayed.
I then became one of the first people in NZ to complete the two available passive fire qualifications Levels 3 and 4.

Following my qualifications I became a registered IQP in Wellington and Manawatu where I am able to complete BWOF inspections for all passive features. I have been involved with some major infrastructure works, sorting out passive fire solutions and installations for many projects including Transpower’s POLE 3 at Haywards Sub Station.

In recent years I have trained personnel in many large construction companies, most of the District Councils in my IQP territory and also DHB teams. This is an attempt to increase coal face knowledge to assist people in all areas and capacities (from inspectors to facility staff etc).


Paper Title:  Passive Fire Protection – a Real World View

I will focus on some common misconceptions and issues that we all face daily - from incorrect products and applications to the importance of professionals understanding the products and applications and the challenges that occur when incorrect information is delivered.

I will have on hand some different products as examples and will present images of correct and incorrect applications.


Jo-Ann Pugh

Deputy General Manager - Assessments,

Operations and Support Group

WorkSafe New Zealand

Based in Wellington, Jo has worked for the Health and Safety regulator for over 14 years.  She has held various roles in that time including Health and Safety Inspector, Service Manager and latterly Chief Inspector for the Central region.  Her key National focus has been with the Forestry Industry and with Occupational Health.

As Deputy General Manager -  Assessments, Operations and Support Group, Jo is currently responsible for an inspectorate of about 150, who perform proactive workplace assessments to support National Programmes, targeting the sectors where the most harm is occurring, i.e., Agriculture, Construction, Forestry and Manufacturing.  The Assessments team are focused on activities that have the most long term impact. Jo is leading the Inspectorate to achieve a reduction in fatalities and injuries of 25% by 2020.

Paper Synopsis

HSWA Presentation Outline - NZ Institute of Healthcare Engineering Conference

We are now driving health and safety under new legislation.  Worksafe’s Deputy GM- Assessments, Operations and Support group will discuss the Health and Saftey at Work Act (HSWA) with specific emphasis on the changes and key components of the new act; how HWSA relates to your roles as PCBU’s and WorkSafe’s approach to working with organisations.

Jo Pugh – Deputy General Manager - Asessments, Operations and Support Group  WorkSafe


Ir. Dharmesh R Doshi, P.Eng, ACPE, BBEng, MBA

Organisation: ECRI Institute

Dharmesh Doshi

Dharmesh is currently a Senior Consultant to the ECRI Institute Asia Pacific regional office, having served in various capacities over the last 12 years. He is engaged in various healthcare projects related to technology management consulting, training and business development.

He is involved in the delivery of an extensive repertoire of ECRI Institute expertise ranging from healthcare technology consulting, strategic medical equipment planning and procurement, biomedical engineering services planning, patient safety and risk management, and health technology assessment. The expertise is delivered through publications, consulting and advisory services, management services, training, and speaking engagements at conferences and seminars.

His consulting experience includes biomedical engineering operations assessment and planning, medical equipment maintenance and management, biomedical engineering operations and facility infrastructure planning, and information and communications technology integration.

His focus areas are on Healthcare Technology Management (HTM), Health Technology Assessment (HTA), Medical Equipment Planning (MEP), healthcare asset management, health IT & patient safety, and health IT & cybersecurity.

Dharmesh received his tertiary education in Biomedical Engineering and completed his MBA in Healthcare Management. He is a Professional Engineer in the discipline of biomedical engineering, and an ASEAN Chartered Professional Engineer (ACPE).

About ECRI Institute

ECRI Institute is an independent non-profit organization whose mission is to benefit patient care by promoting the highest standards of safety, quality, and cost-effectiveness in healthcare. We accomplish this through our research, publishing, education, and consultation. Our goal is to be the world's most trusted, independent, organization providing healthcare information, research, publishing, education and consultation to organizations and individuals in healthcare.


Paper Synopsis

Healthcare providers and policymakers have embraced health information technology (IT) as an essential component of high-quality healthcare because it has the potential to provide multiple benefits: support clinical decision making, enhance provider communication, provide clinicians with access to patient data, engage patients, and reduce errors. However, studies show certain “unintended health IT consequences” could occur when critical elements such as culture and work flow are not deeply considered during implementation. Health IT-related errors can also result from system malfunctions, incorrect use of the system, and faulty interfaces between different IT systems. As more healthcare organisations adopt health IT systems, health IT errors have the potential to affect many patients. Minimizing the unintended consequences of these systems and maximizing the potential of health IT to improve patient safety should be an ongoing focus of every healthcare organisation. Health IT can only make an impact on healthcare safety and quality if it is designed, installed, and used correctly. This presentation will share ECRI Institute’s experiences from patient safety incidents related to health IT and lessons learnt from ECRI Institute’s PSO (Patient Safety Organisation) Deep Dive Report on Health IT, and the Partnership for Health IT Patient Safety initiative.



Shayne Hunter CCDHB

Shayne Hunter

Shayne began his career with IBM in 1980 as a computer engineer and following that enjoyed a number of different engineer, customer support, project and executive roles. He left in 1993 to establish the first of a number of businesses.  He has worked almost exclusively in health for the last 15 years including primary and secondary care including operational and executive management, project and programme management and management consulting.  He has been responsible for leading a number of national programmes.  He is currently the CIO for Capital & Coast, Hutt Valley and Wairarapa DHBs.



Founder & Executive Director, Gillies McIndoe Research Institute

Swee Tan                                                                                                                 GMRI


Originally from Malaysia, Swee Tan completed his medical training at Melbourne University in 1985, and plastic surgery training in New Zealand in 1992. His post-fellowship training included a Craniofacial Fellowship at Oxford and Craniofacial Research Fellowship at Boston’s Children’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School. In 1995, he was appointed Consultant Plastic & Cranio-Maxillofacial Surgeon at the Wellington Regional Plastic, Maxillofacial & Burns Unit at Hutt Hospital, where was the Director of Plastic Surgery 2000-2006 and Director of Surgery 2007-2013. He was appointed Professor in Plastic Surgery at the University of Otago in 2008. He is the Founder and Director of the Centre for the Study & Treatment of Vascular Birthmarks, a national referral centre. He Founded the Reconstructive Plastic Surgery Research Foundation in 1988 which has established the Gillies McIndoe Research Institute. He is an elected member of 13 national and international professional and scientific societies. He is a recipient of 24 science prizes and 20 honours and awards including Wellingtonian of the Year – Science and Technology, ONZM for Medicine from the Queen, Fervent Global Love of Lives Meda, and KEA World Class New Zealand Award. He is well known internationally for his research in vascular birthmarks and cancer. He is an author of over 130 publications in peer-reviewed journals, books and book chapters and has delivered over 300 lectures at conferences.

View the latest GMRI Newsletter here -

Swee will talk about the latest developments in cancer research from the GMRI team.


Gavin Carey-Smith

Facilities & Operational Support Manager

Facilities Management

Hawke's Bay District Health Board

Gavin Carey Smith

Gavin started out in the industrial electrical trade and remains a registered electrician. Gavin first gained electrical engineering experience by working in the Oil and Dairy Industries in Taranaki. In 1997 he decided to complete a degree in Engineering and Automation.

At the end of 1999 Gavin obtained a job as Process Improvement Engineer with Carter Halt Harvey Plastics in Hastings. During this time he was responsible for many capital improvements and had a lead role in improving factory production.

In 2003 Gavin took a job with Hawkes Bay Hospital as Projects and Energy Engineer. At the DHB, Gavin progressed to a managerial role as Capital Projects Manager and now Facilities & Operational Support Manager.

Gavin is a Registered Professional Project Manager with PMI and a Chartered Professional Engineer with IPENZ

Gavin and his wife have three children and live in Havelock North, Hawkes Bay. Gavin has a passion for supporting others on a volunteer basis both locally and abroad.




Paper Title:  “Vanuatu”


Gavin’s talk today is on his trip to Vanuatu early 2016. Gavin joined a group of people from Australia to help in some Cyclone Pam rebuilding work. He was able to see firsthand some of the devastating effects of the cyclone and had the privilege of visiting Port Vila Hospital. Gavin will share some of the highlights of his trip including the new and old parts of Port Vila Hospital.


Ivan Batistich and John Hyndman

John Hyndman and Ivan Batistich

John is an anaesthetist from Christchurch, and Ivan is an engineer, originally from Auckland but now based in Thailand. Time spent by both doing volunteer work in the Pacific Islands and Indo China has inspired them to develop a low cost, low tech anaesthetic machine for use in the third world. They have called it Hyvan.

John and Ivan will talk about their machine and will  bring Hyvan to the conference. This talk will be of interest to all. Despite the theme of the conference being about cutting edge technology, John and Ivan will demonstrate that cutting edge can also come in the form of simplified technology.

Read about John and Ivan in the August/September edition of Shed magazine, and visit their website


Simon Yock 

Forsite - Founder & Director

Simon Yock

Simon has achieved an enviable reputation in New Zealand in the fields of IT, property and sales.

With a diverse background and a highly successful 20-year work history, Simon is renowned for his entrepreneurship, professionalism and the ability to deliver outstanding results.

Simon’s experience includes working in a variety of sales and management roles within his own companies and within corporates across New Zealand and Asia including Telecom NZ and IDC Asia Pacific.

Simon has also established a residential property investment company and is involved in a commercial property investment company. He acutely understands the challenges of increasing compliance requirements facing the property industry in New Zealand and globally.

This understanding combined with Simon’s experience and fascination in technology and the disruptive environment that has become our world, were the key ingredients behind the development of Forsite.

As a property investor and manager in his own right, Simon saw the increasing risks to his investments and working life and was compelled to do something about it.   He felt there was a way to harness technology and develop a clever solution to offset these risks and safeguard people and investments.  With support and involvement from Property Managers Group (PMG) Forsite was developed.

Simon comes from a family that is highly curious, diverse and high performing. His father, a Fulbright scholar from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a professor of physics, was instrumental in the research and theory of sub atomic particles – QUARKS and has discovered planets outside of our solar system. His uncle had a highly successful business – JANDALs that was an iconic New Zealand product and significant manufacturer and employer during the 1960’s to 1980’s.

Simons personal interests include:

  • South Australian Shiraz
  • Numismatics
  • Numerous sports, including rugby, touch rugby, tennis and skiing


BCom – Marketing and Management

Currently enrolled in the MIT EFGI short course through Unitec

Private Directorships – Huron Company Limited, GAI Limited, GAI Taranga partnership limited