Medical Gas Pipeline System Training Course

Medical Gas Authorised Persons Course

Peter Williams of MGPS Services recently ran two Medical Gas Pipeline courses  one in Auckland and one in Wellington. This is Peter’s third visit to run courses in New Zealand. He is with MGPS Services Ltd based in Bristol in England and travels worldwide running these courses.

There are two options for training with Peter – Competent Person (CP) and Authorised Person (AP). They run concurrently, with the CP course taught in the first three days and the AP course taking the full five days.

A competent person is the person who actually does the work. The authorised person can authorise work done by others. In New Zealand, this role is usually taken by BOC Gases representatives.

Peter is an excellent presenter. He really knows his stuff, and managed to keep a room full of industry people interested for the full five days. His background  is in British hospitals, so he has modified his teachings to make them relevant to New Zealand conditions.

I attended the Wellington AP course. It was held in Wellington Hospital, so we were able to visit the relevant parts of their Medical gas system.

New Zealand has no mandatory standards for medical gas pipeline systems, so different hospitals have used different standards – usually choosing between the Australian standard AS 2896-1998, the European standard ISO 7396-1:2007 or the British standard HTM 02-01. The latter seems to be the most commonly used here, and is Peter’s main area of expertise. Unusually, Wellington Hospital is built to the Australian standard.


Ice with that drink? Peter Williams talking VIE                  

 Ice with that drink? Peter Williams talking VIE


Among the points of interest gleaned from the course is that, as medical gases are actually medicines and in Britain the chief pharmacist of the hospital is responsible for the management of the MGPS system. Not the case here I think.

Peter will most likely be returning to these shores next year to run more courses, so keep an eye on this website for updates.

Max Christensen 2014