NZIHE Donates to the Mercy Ships

At the Dunedin conference last November, one of the takeaways was the riveting talk by John Clynes on his experiences on the hospital ship, Africa Mercy.


The 450 people from 50 nationalities on board the ship provide an amazing service for thousands of people in some of the most severely deprived countries in Africa. We were inspired by the dedication of the volunteers, and touched by the plight of their patients.


For the past few years, the NZIHE has donated some of the annual conference profits towards a charity or other worthwhile cause relevant to our values.


Following the last conference, the executive decided to donate $3,000 to the Mercy Ships.

Cameroon biomed 2.jpg

We were delighted to learn that the donation will go toward BioMed capacity building and training in Guinea.

In the next Mercy Ship field service in Guinea, (Aug 2018-June 2019) there will also be biomed training and this is what our donation is likely to be used for.


Last year in Cameroon, there were 28 biomeds upskilled and trained, so it is hoped that a similar number of Guineans will benefit from the course this year.


The NZIHE is proud to be able to help such a worthy cause.


There is also an opportunity for a Clinical Engineer to serve on a Mercy Ship.


Check out details here -


You can learn more about the Biomed programme here.


For information on the Mercy Ships, check out this video: