President's Comment - Autumn 2017

As I write this comment I am mindful of the fact that it is 6 years since the ChCh earthquake that has changed so many things for the Christchurch community and for that matter nationally and internationally. The significant learnings that those in the healthcare sector have picked up on were yet again put to use as the November earthquake impacted on a wide area. The physical impacts of these events are in most cases readily visible however we also need to be mindful of the human impact and the ongoing need to support those who have been effected in so many ways.

The annual conference continues to be one of the lead events on the Institute’s calendar and the Wellington Conference gave an opportunity to look broadly at the impact of information technology in the healthcare sector. One of the common themes that was evident is the need for systems integration. On the Friday afternoon we were fortunate to have Sui Tan share some of the research developments of The Gillies McIndoe Research Institute which was so readily demonstrated with some of his case studies.

Conference this year is in Dunedin. Preliminary information is available now on the web site. Doug Moller and his Dunedin based team are exploring a number of options for the programme

It has been encouraging to see the wider utilisation of the web site and enquiries that have been coming from the wider healthcare community. We will continue to develop the site over coming months.

Tony Blackler, President